Kids Excel El Paso (KEEP) is committed to providing quality arts education to low-income children in public schools in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in El Paso. Currently, the children in our partner schools average 90% Minority, 75% Economically Disadvantaged, 67% At-Risk, and 44% Limited English Proficient.  With limited budgets for arts education, schools appreciate that KEEP outreach classes address 4th grade Fine Arts objectives and support various academic areas. All Kids Excel programs are free of charge to children and their families.


2016-2017 Partner Schools  

Elementary School Address Zip Code School Principal
Alta Vista 1000 N. Grama St. 79903 Gina Negrete
Bond 250 Lindbergh Ave. 79932 Rachel Villalobos
Bonham 7024 Cielo Vista Dr. 79925 Sandy Portillo-Sanchez
Bridges Academy 4320 N. Stanton St. 79902 Irma Keys
Burleson 4400 Blanco Ave. 79905 Jesus Medina
Burnet 3700 Thomason Ave. 79904 Antoinette Carpenter
Canutillo 651 Canutillo Ave. 79835 Julie Melendez
Childress 7700 Cap Carter Rd. 79821 Maria Reyna Salcedo
Clardy 5508 Delta Dr. 79905 Leticia Foster
Cooley 107 N. Collingsworth 79905 Suzanne Gibson
Damian 6300 Strahan Dr. 79932 Jesus Barba
Davenport 8401 Remington Dr. 79835 Marta Strobach
Douglass 101 S. Eucalyptus St. 79905 (Not Available)
Garcia  6550 Westside Dr. 79932 Tangela Carter
Hart 1110 Park St. 79901 Elizabeth Pragner
Herrera 350 Coates Dr. 79932 Alberto Reyes
La Fe Preparatory 616 E. Father Rahm Ave. 79901 (Not Available)
Johnson 499 Cabaret Dr. 79912 Terri Matthews
Lundy 6201 High Ridge Dr. 79912 Lourdes Lugo
Moye 4825 Alps Dr. 79904 Mary Broderick-Vargas
Newman 10275 Alcan St. 79924 Pauletta Howard
Putnam 6508 Fiesta Dr. 79912 Cynthia Sanchez
Polk 940 Belvidere St.  79912 Sandra Spivey
Reyes 7440 Northern Pass Dr.  79911 Dr. Debra Kerney
Roberts 341 Thorn Ave. 79932 Rafael Guardado
Rusk 3601 N. Copa St. 79930 Rebecca Cobian
Tippin 6541 Bear Ridge Dr. 79912 Gina Rodriguez-Nuñez
Tom Lea 4851 Marcus Uribe Dr.  79934 Rosa Ramos
Western Hills 530 Thunderbird Dr. 79912 Cristina Benavides
Zach White 4256 Roxbury Dr. 79922 Jocelyn Scott
Zavala 51 N. Hammet St. 79905 Alma Brockhoff


Kids Excel El Paso is a member of the Region 19 purchasing cooperative 



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